Diversity Course


Supervisors and managers need to recognize the ways in which the workplace is changing, evolving, and diversifying. Since managing diversity remains a significant organisational challenge, managers must learn the managerial skills needed in a multicultural work environment. Supervisors and managers must be prepared to teach themselves and others within their organisations to value multicultural differences in both associates and customers so that everyone is treated with dignity. This course will teach an employee to understand different diversities in the workplace.


1 day.


Anyone who would like to understand what diversity is and how to cope with it and have in a healthy work environment.


We do not have workshops currently, but only provide on site training customized to your needs.


Section 1: Diversity in The Workplace

Topic A:  Introduction

Topic B:  Definition of Key Terms

Topic C:  Definition of Diversity

Topic D:  Diversity as A Potential Source of Discrimination

Topic E:  The Implications of Diversity for External and Internal Relationships

Topic F:  Cultural Biases, Stereotypes and Perceptions and Their Influence on Diversity

Section 2: The Reality of Diversity and Its Value in The Unit

Topic A:  Introduction

Topic B:  Benefits of Diversity in Employees and Clients for An Organisation

Topic C:  Ways of Utilizing the Diverse Talents, Attitudes and Values of Employees

Topic D:  Ways of Meeting the Diverse Needs of Employees

Topic E:  Ways of Meeting the Diverse Needs of Clients with A Range of Products and Services

Topic F:  Encouraging Diverse Viewpoints in Meetings

Section 3: Managing Team Members

Topic A:  Introduction

Topic B:  Diversity in Beliefs, Values, Interests and Attitudes

Topic C:  Common Beliefs, Values, Interests and Attitudes That Will Serve a Basis for Leading the Team

Topic D:  Encouraging the Expression of Diverse Viewpoints

Topic E:  Sensitivity Towards and Understanding of Diversity

Section 4: Dealing with Disagreements and Conflict Arising from Diversity in The Unit

Topic A:  Introduction

Topic B:  Recognizing and Dealing with All Incidents of Conflict And disagreement

Topic C:  Using Disagreements and Conflict as Opportunities for Learning

Topic D:  Identifying and Managing All Cases of Discrimination and Discriminatory Practices



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Diversity Course
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