Excel Assessment

This assessment is not a test but rather a skills assessment. If you do not know an answer then choose "I don't know". It is for your own benefit to start at the correct level to ensure you get all the skills from bottom up. This assessment is split into basic, intermediate and advanced questions. You will get a report on what you scored per level.

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Question 1

  Select the correct symbol for the formula


Question 2

. Select if the statements are true of false
You can paste cells without the formulas
You cannot add headers or footers in excel when printing, only in Word
When totaling more than one cell, you must always use the SUM formula
You can calculate formulas across multiple spreadsheets and files


Question 3

. Select the most appropriate definition from each drop down box, to fit each description
The cell width and height will not change
The cell height will change
The cell width will change


Question 4

  Answer the following question
How do you insert a list in excel?


Question 5


In the dataset below, what is the correct formula in C3. You want this formula to be copied and pasted to the cells below.

excel assessment



Question 6


What is the result of the following formula?

excel assessment



Question 7

  Which of these phrases correctly describes a date?


Question 8

  Select if the formula is correct or incorrect
=(a1+a2) x 2


Question 9


In the following dataset, if you wanted to return the surname for Grant, which formula or combination of formulas would you use?

excel assessment



Question 10


In the following pivottable, the names are below the categories in Table 1. How do you display them in column B, next to the categories, as shown in Table 2.

Table 1

excel assessment

Table 2

excel assessment



Question 11


In the below pivottable, in which field is the quarter heading?

excel assessment



Question 12


You have a database in Table 1. What is the correct formula in cell C4 in Table 2, to total the numbers for the Warehouse for Week 1. This formula should then be also copied and pasted to all blue cells. The database sheet is called Sumifs1 Database.

Table 1

excel assessment


Table 2

excel assessment



Question 13


If you type the following formula in A1, what will the formula do?

excel assessment











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