Leadership Monitor Team Effectiveness


This module will help the manager to manage his/her team more effectively.


Executives, managers and supervisors who wish to develop a critical awareness of leadership theories and issues as well as develop essential leadership competencies and skills.


We do not have workshops currently, but only provide on site training customized to your needs.



Performance Management
Business Ethiques
Section 1: Formulation Of Performance Standards And Monitoring Systems Section 1: Ethics, Values And Culture
Topic A:  Introduction Topic A:  Introduction
Topic A:  Components Of A Performance Management System Topic A:  Relationship Between Personal Values, Ethics And Organisational Culture
Topic B:  Steps In Developing Performance Standards Topic B:  Conflicts Between Personal Values And Organisational Values & Ethics
  Topic C:  Impact Of Organisational Values And Culture On Organisations
Section 2: Preparing For A Performance Review Meeting  
Topic A:  Introduction Section 2: Understanding Ethics, Values & Culture
Topic B:  Communicating Details Of The Performance Review With The Team Member Topic A:  Introduction
Topic C:  Preliminary Assessment Of Performance Topic B:  Imperatives Of Ethics In South Africa
Topic D:  Recording Information Gathered During Preliminary Assessments Topic C:  Corporate Governance And Ethics
Topic E:  Employee Self Preparation Topic D:  Ethical Practices In A Unit
Topic F:  Deciding On Methods Of Giving Feedback  
Topic G:  Documents For Performance Review Interviews Section 3: Principles Of Corporate Ethics
  Topic A:  Introduction
Section 3: Conducting A Performance Review Interview Topic B:  Assessing Individual And Organisational Conduct –Values, Ethics
Topic A:  Introduction Topic C:  Conducting A Survey To Collect Information On Organisational Values, Codes Of Conduct And Ethics
Topic B:  Conducting The Interview Topic D:  Evaluating The Current State Against Desired State With Respect To Values, Ethics And Code Of Conduct
Topic C:  Developing An Action Plan And Documentation Of Results  
  Section 4: Recommendations For Strengthening Organisational Values, Code Of Conduct And Ethics
  Topic A:  Introduction
  Topic B:  Developing An Implementation Plan To Strengthen Organisational Values, Ethics And Code Of Conduct
  Topic C:  Roles And Responsibilities Of A Manager In Stengthening Ethics, Codes And Values
  Topic D:  Promoting The Values, Code And Ethics
  Topic E:  Monitoring And Evaluating Improvements In Values, Code And Ethics


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