Leadership Project planning


This module will help the manager and plan a project better


Executives, managers and supervisors who wish to develop a critical awareness of leadership theories and issues as well as develop essential leadership competencies and skills.


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Operational plan Project Plan
Section 1: Developing An Operational Strategy For A Unit Section 1: Select A Work-Based Project For A Unit
Topic A:  Introduction Topic A:  Introduction
Topic A:  Levels Of Organisational Planning Topic A:  Identifying Project Alternatives
Topic B:  Determining The Purpose Of A Unit From The Strategic Plan Topic B:  Selecting A Project
Topic C:  Developing Operational Strategies  
Topic D:  Alignment Between Operational Strategy And Organisational Strategy Section 2: Project Scope
Topic E:  Developing Goals, Objectives And Performance Standards Topic A:  Introduction
Topic F:  Stakeholder Involvement In The Formulation Of Goals, Objectives And Performance Standards Topic B:  Defining The Scope Of Work
  Topic C:  Determining Activities To Achieve Objectives
Section 2: Developing An Operational Plan For A Unit Topic D:  Risk Identification And Analysed
Topic A:  Introduction  
Topic B:  Developing An Operational Plan Section 3: Developing A Project Plan
Topic C:  Validating Measurable Parameters Against Customer And Unit Performance Requirements Topic A:  Introduction
Topic D:  Monitoring Systems For Operational Plans Topic B:  Project Goals And Objectives
Topic E:  Communicating The Operational Plan And Collecting Feedback Topic C:  Project Roles And Responsibilities
  Topic D:  Project Deliverables
Section 3: Implementing Operational Plan In A Unit Topic E:  Project Schedule Development
Topic A:  Introduction Topic F:  Quality And Performance Planning
Topic B:  Implementation Of An Operational Plan In Order To Achieve Goals And Objectives Topic G:  Checking The Accuracy, Completeness Of Project Plan
Topic C:  Managing Resource Useage During Implementation  
Topic D:  Control Measures By Firstline Managers Section 4: Developing Tools To Measure Key Performance Parameters
  Topic A:  Introduction
Section 4: Monitoring, Measuring And Evaluating The Achievement Of Goals And Objectives Topic B:  Developing A Gantt Chart
Topic A:  Introduction Topic C:  Developing A Project Budget
Topic B:  Monitoring Performance Against Goals, Objectives And Performance Standards Topic D:  Communicating Performance Parameters With The Team
Topic C:  Conducting Performance Reviews For Team Members  
Topic D:  Recommendations On Corrective Actions Section 5: Implementing And Evaluating Project Progress
Topic E:  Evaluating Results In Terms Of Team Contributions Topic A:  Introduction
  Topic B:  Monitoring Project Results
  Topic C:  Identifying Project Deviations
  Topic D:  Implementing Corrective Actions
  Topic E:  Change Control
  Topic F:  Evaluation Of Project Results


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