Advanced Outlook Course


The more advanced options of Outlook. The course will reach you how to modify message options, find and sort outlook items, save and archive mail. You will learn more advanced contact management, to record journal entries and share folders.


One full day.


This course is aimed at anyone who uses Outlook.

The following people will find this course helpful:
 Anyone who uses or wish to use Outlook
 Anyone who wishes to use more advance functions of Outlook


We do not have workshops currently, but only provide on site training customized to your needs.


The cost for on-site training is R10,000 per day. Maximum 15 delegates for computer training and 30 delegates for soft skills training.

You can also do the course online for $50. Our elearning platform is one of the best in the world and includes videos, simulations, assessments, examples and examinitions. You can print your own certificate on completion of the examination.. Contact us for a free demo.


Unit 1: Message Options

Topic A: Modify Message Settings

Topic B: Modify Delivery Options

Topic C: Modify Message Formats

Topic D: Create and Modify a Distribution List

Topic E: Insert a Hyperlink

Unit 2: Find and Sort Outlook Items

Topic A: Sort Messages Using Multiple Criteria

Topic B: Find Messages

Topic C: Find Messages Using Multiple Criteria

Topic D: Filter Messages

Topic E: Organize Messages

Topic F: Enable Groups

Topic G: Manage Junk Email

Unit 3: Organise Outlook Items

Topic A: Create Search Folders

Topic B: Custom Search folder

Topic C: Use Search folders

Topic D: Create Rules

Topic E: Out of the Office Assistant

Topic F: Apply Conditional Formatting

Unit 4: Save and Archive Mail

Topic A: Save Messages in Alternate Formats

Topic B: Archive Messages

Topic C: Import Messages

Topic D: Protect Personal Folders

Unit 5: Advanced Contact Management

Topic A: Forward Contacts

Topic B: Create a vCard from a Contact

Topic C: Export Contacts

Topic D: Perform a Mail Merge

Topic E: Link Items to a Contact

Unit 6: Journal

Topic A: Record a Journal Entry Automatically

Topic B: Manually Record a Journal Entry

Topic C: Modify a Journal Entry

Unit 7: Sharing Folders

Topic A: Specify Folder Permissions

Topic B: Access another User's Folder

Topic D: Delegate Access to Folders

Unit 8: Outlook Customisation

Topic A: Customise the Toolbars

Topic B: Create a New Toolbar

Topic C: Customise the Menus

Topic D: Create a Folder Home Page

Unit 9: Working Offline and Remotely

Topic A: Create an Offline Folder File

Topic B: Make a Folder Available Offline

Topic C: Create a Send/Receive Group

Topic D: Download Messages



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Advanced outlook course


Unit 11, Block 2
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Advanced outlook course


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