Advanced Powerpoint Course


It’s a given in today’s office environment that a basic knowledge of spreadsheets will be required at some time or other. This course is designed to help first time users of excel. We put great effort in taking it slow to ensure that after completion you will be able to prepare your own spreadsheets without assistance.

You also get free ccess to our online E-Learning platform which includes videos, questions, examples and exams. This is the exact same content as the course. This access is valid for 12 months.


One full day.


Anyone in any business can attend, first time users, students, financial and administrative personnel, secretaries and job seekers.


We do not have workshops currently, but only provide on site training customized to your needs.


The cost for on-site training is R10,000 per day. Maximum 15 delegates for computer training and 30 delegates for soft skills training.

You can also do the course online for $50. Our elearning platform is one of the best in the world and includes videos, simulations, assessments, examples and examinitions. You can print your own certificate on completion of the examination.. Contact us for a free demo.


Unit 1: Create a Design Template

Here we demonstrate how to set up a Slide Master, allowing you too quickly and effectively set up a Standard Theme for your Presentation including Layouts, Text Designs, Bullets, Footers and so much more, in a matter of seconds.

Unit 2: Use Organization Chart and Diagrams

Visual Enhancements are vital for Presentation Effectiveness. Organizational Charts including Smart Art Graphics are introduced. Using Advanced Graphics and Special Effects will turn your Presentation right around, placing it in another league.

Unit 3: Add Special Effects

From adding Sound and Movie Clips; Displaying Custom Animations; Demonstrating Motion Paths as well as Effect Order, your Slides’ individual points will be Emphasized and Graphically Enhanced to create maximum emphasis.

Unit 4: Web Presentations

In today’s world the internet is our most effective communicator in business. Here we demonstrate how to use your Presentation as a Marketing Tool by Broadcasting it on the Web. Using Office Templates effectively allows ease of use and understanding of the Presentation’s objective

Unit 5: Collaboration

Here we demonstrate how to protect your hard work that you have put into your Presentation. We set Passwords in order to prevent others from stealing your ideas.

Unit 6: Advanced Delivery Options

We introduce you to the finer elements that make the delivery of your Presentation he use of Hyperlinks; Adding Action Buttons; Setting Up a Custom Slide Show from a Master Presentation to working with Narrations and Slide Timings, we gear you to throw your audience out the water.





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Advanced powerpoint course


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Advanced powerpoint course


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