Advanced Word course


The Advanced phase of our Word training takes you into a more in-depth world of the diverse ability and full Functionality of the Microsoft Word Program. We demonstrate Advanced User Techniques to place you above the rest and enable you to produce complex, industry competitive application of various word documentation.


One full day.


This course is aimed at anyone who wishes to perfect their Microsoft Word skills.
The following people will find this course helpful:
 Anyone who wish to create a document using Word
 Anyone who has basic knowledge of Word and wish to perfect their document creation skills
 Receptionists
 Personal Assistants
 Secretaries
 Administration Clerks


We do not have workshops currently, but only provide on site training customized to your needs.


Unit 1: Using Microsoft Office Word with other Programs

Using Word to interact with other Applications enables you to share and update data from a variety of sources. Here the learner will be shown how to use Word with other Office Applications such as Excel and PowerPoint effectively. We will demonstrate how to Create Links to other Office Applications as well send an Email Message or Document Outline to PowerPoint.

Unit 2: Collaborating on Documents

Here we look at working in a Collaborative Environment where other will Share your Documents, making changes or provide feedback on your Document. We demonstrate how to Review a Document; Compare Document Changes; Merge Documents as well as Reviewing Track Changes and Comments Effectively.

Unit 3: Adding Reference Marks and Notes

The ability to Mark Specific Locations in a Document and provide additional Descriptions will help you to build a Convenient Reference Source. Apart from enabling you to Keep Track of a Source, References in a Document provide Supplemental Information to your readers. Here will carefully look at Inserting Bookmarks; Footnotes and Endnotes; Captions to Illustrations; Hyperlinks as well as Cross-References.

Unit 4: Making Long Documents easier to use

Locating information in long Documents is difficult if you are not sure of the location of keywords. To help readers Locate Figures, Tables, Graphics, or Content in a Document, you have to include Tables Listings of all relevant items or keywords with their Page Numbers. In this chapter we will Insert Blank and Cover Pages; an Index; a Table of Figures; a Table of Authorities; a Table of Contents as well as Create a Master Document.

Unit 5: Securing a Documents

When working on Restricted Content, such as a report on legal cases involving your company, you need to ensure that no one but authorized people have access to it. The Security Features in Word enable you to protect a Document and its Contents. From Hiding Text and Adding Digital Signatures, to using a Password to Restrict Document Access, we cover it all.

Unit 6: Creating Forms

Here we demonstrate how to Create Effective Forms to enable you to Collect Desired Information in a consistent and efficient manner. Using Word, you can create forms to help you consistently Capture Standard Information. We demonstrate how to add Form Fields to a Document, Protect and Automate a Form.

Unit 7: Advanced Layout Options

It is vital to be able to Add Customized or Standardized Headers and Footer to a Word Document. We look at Adding Headers and Footer in different sections, where applicable, as well as effectively Outlining your Document to ensure maximum ease of use.






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Advanced word course
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