Basic PowerPoint Course


From A-Z we equip the delegate to Create Effective Presentations whilst making the most of Shortcut Keys and methods to ensure maximum utility of Microsoft PowerPoint. Whether it be to convince management to invest in that new piece of equipment or present the new annual budget to the
Board of Directors, we help you put it into action.


One full day.


This course is aimed at anyone who wishes to learn Microsoft Office PowerPoint.

The following people will find this course helpful:
 Anyone who have not worked on PowerPoint before
 Anyone who has worked a bit on PowerPoint but is not familiar with all its functions
 Anyone who wish to set up a basic presentation


We do not have workshops currently, but only provide on site training customized to your needs.


Unit 1: Working in a PowerPoint Environment

Understanding how to get the maximum out of the PowerPoint Programme is our objective. We enable the delegate to use the Features of the programme most effectively. In this chapter we introduce the basic applications including Moving Around in PowerPoint, making use of Viewing Options, Creating Professional Presentations from scratch as well as Modifying Existing Presentations.

Unit 2: Create a Presentation: Slide Text, Layout and Order

In a Presentation, the Text is the foundation on which you build everything else. We demonstrate the most effective way to Display your Text in different Slide Layouts to not only ‘Wow’ your audience but to effectively get your points across

Unit 3: Tables

Figures and Facts are best presented in a Table. Tables condense information into highly structured row and column formats so that identifying categories or individual items and making comparisons is easier. We introduce the Table Tools Contextual Tab that Microsoft PowerPoint offer in order Create Graphically Enhanced and Effective Tables.

Unit 4: Charts

When wanting to display Numeric Data Visually, adding a Chart Reflection to a Slide makes it easier to see Trends that’s might not be obvious from looking at the numbers themselves. We demonstrate how to use the different Chart Types and how to effectively Create Charts from various sets of Data.

Unit 5: Drawing Objects

Drawing Objects allow one to Depict Hierarchies, Processes, Points of Interest as well as Creating Impact. We enable the learner to create these Elements in the most effective manner resulting in a Powerful Presentation.

Unit 6: Working with Images

Today, Presentations have become more Visually Sophisticated and Appealing. The importance of your message and the persuasiveness of the words you use are no longer enough to guarantee the success of a Presentation. We look at the Benefits as well as the Method of Adding Pictures and Images to Slides in order to Create Effective, Professional Presentations.

Unit 7: Deliver a Presentation

Adding Slide Transitions, Creating Speaker Notes, Rearranging and Proofing your Presentation is vital before delivery. Here we equip and prepare you to Deliver a Powerful Presentation.


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Basic Powerpoint  Course
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