Basic Projects Course


The Project basic course introduces the learner o the setup of a project. IT takes the through the essential steps of preparing a project calendar, capturing tasks and resources and assigning those resources to the tasks. This course covers all the actions that lead up to the saving of a baseline.


One full day.


This course is aimed at anyone who wishes to learn Microsoft Project.

The following people will find this course helpful:
 Anyone who have not worked with Project before
 Anyone who has worked a bit with Project but is not familiar with all its functions
 Project Managers
 Project Administrators
 Project Accountants
 Personal Assistants


We do not have workshops currently, but only provide on site training customized to your needs.


Unit 1: Introduction to Project

Topic A: The Project Window Components

Topic B: Show or Hide the Entry bar

Topic C: Show or Hide Ribbons

Topic D: Navigating the Views in Project

Topic E: Access More Views

Unit 2: Using a different Table in the Gantt Chart

Topic A: Access More Tables

Topic B: Showing the Detail Form (Splitting the Window)

Topic C: Switch between Forms in the Split Window

Topic D: Help

Unit 3: Setting Up a New Project

Topic A: Create a New Project

Topic B: Update Project Properties

Topic C: Save a New Project

Topic D: Create a Copy of a Project

Topic E: Setting Up a Project Template

Topic F: Using the Project Templates

Topic G: Setting up the Standard Calendar

Unit 4: Creating the Work Breakdown Structure

Topic A: Capturing Tasks

Topic B: Changing the Scheduling method

Topic C: Selecting Tasks

Topic D: Edit Tasks

Topic E: Open the Task Information dialogue box

Topic F: Add Notes to Tasks

Topic G: Deleting Tasks

Topic H: Copy and Move tasks

Topic I: Adjusting the Task Order

Topic J: Insert a New Task

Topic K: Creating Summary Tasks

Unit 5: Task Duration and Relationships

Topic A: Duration Types

Topic B: Set Task Duration

Topic C: Setting a milestone task

Topic D: Task Dependency Types

Topic E: Link Tasks

Topic F: Edit Task Dependencies

Topic G: Lag and Lead Times

Topic H: Task Constraints

Topic I: Task Deadlines

Topic J: Recurring Tasks

Topic K: Split Tasks

Topic L: Create a Project Summary Task

Topic M: Setting Up a Task Calendar

Unit 6: Set up Resources

Topic A: Create Resources

Topic B: Types or Resources

Topic C: Open the Resource Information Dialogue Box

Topic D: Edit Resources

Topic E: Deleting Resources

Topic F: Copy and Move resources

Topic G: Adjusting the Resource Order

Topic H: Add a New Resource

Unit 7: Resource Assignment

Topic A: Task Types

Topic B: Effort Driven Tasks

Topic C: Assign Resources

Topic D: Adjust Resource Assignments

Topic E: Remove Assigned Resources

Topic F: Level Resources

Topic G: Create a Resource Calendar

Unit 8: The Baseline and Critical Path

Topic A: Save the Baseline

Topic B: Clear the Baseline

Topic C: View the Critical Path and Baseline

Unit 9: Planning Reports

Topic A: View Reports

Topic B: Print Reports

Topic C: Planning Report Content Summary

Unit 10: Printing

Topic A: Print Preview

Topic B: Page Setup

Topic C: Printing


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