Basic Word Course


This session introduces the Basic Functionality of Word and its Ability to Produce Professional Documentation which enables the learner to quickly and effectively Create, Edit and Acquire the important Formatting Techniques vital for ease of use and Organization of Document Content. It has
been designed to lead you through all the tasks you are most likely to want to perform in Microsoft Word.


One full day.


This course is aimed at anyone who wishes to learn Microsoft Office Word Basic.

The following people will find this course helpful:
 Anyone who have not worked with Word before
 Anyone who has worked a bit with Word but is not familiar with all its functions
 Receptionists
 Personal Assistants
 Secretaries
 Administration Clerks


We do not have workshops currently, but only provide on site training customized to your needs.


Unit 1: Working in a Word Environment.

Topic A: Opening, Moving, and Document Creation. It is important to be able to effectively Open Existing Documents, Move Documents to desired locations as well as Create New Documents easily and effectively in using the Word Program.

Topic B: Displaying Different Views of a Document. Here we enable you to make use of Word’s various Viewing Options so that you know which View to use for different tasks and how to tailor the Program to meet your needs.

Topic C: Navigation within Documents. The various Navigation Techniques are demonstrated in order for you to Find Specific Content within your Document and make a series of Word Replacements throughout the whole Document in a matter of seconds.

Topic D: Saving your Documents using Save and Save As. Saving the work that you produce is one of the most important steps in Working In and Creating New Documents. We also cover the Save As Function in order for you to Save Copies of altered versions of the same Document in different locations

Unit 2: Editing and Proofreading

Whether you are a novice or experience writer, you need to ensure that your Documents are correct, logical and persuasive, as most likely you are not the sole user of that Document.

Topic A: Making changes to a Document. Here we demonstrate the most effective way to make Single and Multiple changes to a Document quickly and easily. Editing Tools provide Quick Selection Techniques and Drag-and-Drop Editing to make it easy to Move or Copy Text anywhere you want it. We include Short Cut Keys to enhance your efficiency of these methods.

Topic B: Spelling and Grammar. We introduce the AutoCorrect and Spelling and Grammar features that make it easy to correct grammatical errors before sharing a Document with others.

Unit 3: Text Formatting

The appearance of your Documents helps to convey their message. We demonstrate how to develop Professional-looking Documents appropriate to their Contents. We work through Bulleted and Numbered Lists and experiment with Creating and Adding Quick Styles in order to change the look of individual words. Text Formatting also includes Alignment and the use of Tabs, Spacing, Borders and Shading as well as adding Themes to Documents.

Unit 4: Simple Graphical Elements

Some Documents might benefit from the addition of Graphic Elements, either to reinforce their concepts or to make them more attention grabbing or visually appealing. We demonstrate how to incorporate and Insert different types of Graphical Elements to make this all possible.

Unit 5: Printing and Page Setup for Printing

Before hitting the Print button it is vital that you check that the pages are efficiently laid out and that there are no Formatting problems, such as a heading that prints on a separate page from its text. We demonstrate the Tools that word offers for Finalizing a Document and ensuring that the end product of all your hard work contains no traces of personal or confidential information.


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Basic Word Course
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