Visual Basics Course


This course will teach you visual basics to enable you improve your programming skills


2 full days.


Accountants, Creditors Clerks, Debtors Clerks, Administration clerks, Financial Managers, Engineers, Students. MBA graduates.


We do not have workshops currently, but only provide on site training customized to your needs.


Unit 1: VBA coding: Where to start

Topic A: Development toolbar

Topic B: Understanding coding for macros

Topic C: Defining ranges

Unit 2: Basic functions

Topic A: Referencing to sheets

Topic B: Referencing to ranges

Unit 3: User forms

Topic A: Inserting a basic user form

Topic B: Opening up and closing user forms

Topic C: Labels, text boxes and lists

Topic D: Checkboxes, option boxes and toggle boxes

Topic E: Inserting coding in user forms

Topic F: Ensuring users follow your program

Unit 4: Formulas

Topic A: If formulas

Topic B: Nested IF formulas

Topic C: Other formulas

Unit 5: Loops

Topic A: Declaring a variable

Topic B: Loops

Unit 6: Finishing your program

Topic A: Testing and debugging

Topic B: Protecting your code

Unit 7: Other codes

Topic A: Protecting sheets and unprotecting sheet with coding

Topic B: Message boxes

Topic C: Hiding and un-hiding sheet with coding

Topic D: Inserting, deleting and renaming sheets

Topic E: Clean cells

Topic F: Running a code when opening a workbook

Unit 8: More complicated programs explained

Topic A: Building a navigational sheet with buttons and userforms

Topic B: Create a userform which updates a database every time you change

Topic C: Change information in textboxes with selections from list boxes

Topic D: Debugging with message boxes

Topic E: Creating new excel files and saving the files on new folders in the


Unit 9: Free codes to use

Topic A: Opening folders and saving the result

Topic B: Opening multiple files and unknown names

Topic C: Un-hiding all sheets in a file

Topic D: Listing all the sheet names in a specific file



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Visual Basics Course
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