Intermediate Access Course


More advances functions of Access. You will learn how to plan your database, normalise the data, use built-in wizards and define relationships. This course focuses on more advanced field properties, table relationships and queries. By the end of the day you will be able to enhance your database with advanced forms and reports and import and export to Word and Excel.


One full day.


This course is aimed at anyone who wishes to perfect their Microsoft Access skills.

The following people will find this course helpful:
 Anyone who wish to create more advanced database
 Anyone who has basic knowledge of Access and wish to improve their skills on the program
 Sales staff, marketing managers
 Data captures
 Business Analysts


We do not have workshops currently, but only provide on site training customized to your needs.


Unit 1: Plan the Database

Topic A: Plan a database

Topic B: Normalization

Unit 2: Wizards, Templates and Relationships

Topic A: Database templates and wizards

Topic B: Table wizard

Unit 3: Table relationships (1-1 and 1- many)

Topic A: Referential integrity

Unit 4: Advanced Field Properties

Topic A: Advanced Field properties

Topic B: Input masks

Topic C: Lookup fields

Unit 5: Advanced Table Relationships

Topic A: Table Filters

Topic B: Query joins (inner and outer joins)

Topic C: Unrelated tables self joins

Unit 6: Advanced Queries

Topic A: Query properties

Topic B: Parameters

Topic C: Action queries

Unit 7: Advance Form Development

Topic A: Combo box controls

Topic B: List box controls

Topic C: Option groups

Topic D: Command buttons

Topic E: Sub forms

Unit 8: Advanced Report Features

Topic A: Pagination

Topic B: Summarize information

Topic C: Subreports

Topic D: Mailing Labels

Unit 9: MS Office Integration

Topic A: Export to Word

Topic B: Export to Excel

Topic C: Import from Excel


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intermediate access course
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