Intermediate word Course


A more in-depth look at Word and its functions. The word course shows you how to manage list, draw your own tables and format it. You will also learn how to change the style of a document, work with pictures and graphics. By the end of the day you will be able to control the text flow of a document, use and create templates and do a mail merge.


One full day.


This course is aimed at anyone who wishes to perfect their Microsoft Word skills.

The following people will find this course helpful:
 Anyone who wish to create a document using Word
 Anyone who has basic knowledge of Word and wish to perfect their document creation skills
 Receptionists
 Personal Assistants
 Secretaries
 Administration Clerks


We do not have workshops currently, but only provide on site training customized to your needs.


The cost for on-site training is R10,000 per day. Maximum 15 delegates for computer training and 30 delegates for soft skills training.

You can also do the course online for $50. Our elearning platform is one of the best in the world and includes videos, simulations, assessments, examples and examinitions. You can print your own certificate on completion of the examination.. Contact us for a free demo.


Unit 1: Working with Lists

Topic A: The Word Window Components

Topic B: Managing Lists

Topic C: Bulleted lists

Topic D: Changing the format of the bullets

Topic E: Customising your bullets

Topic F: Numbered lists

Topic G: Formatting a Numbered List

Topic H: Customizing your numbering

Topic I: Restart numbering

Topic J: Sorting a list

Topic K: Outline numbering

Unit 2: Tables and Charts

Topic A: Adding borders to your table

Topic B: The Table Tools Ribbon

Topic C: Drawing your own Table

Topic D: Changing the Borders of the Table

Topic E: Using Table AutoFormat

Topic F: Calculations in a table

Topic G: Creating a chart from a Word table

Unit 3: Customised Formatting

Topic A: Changing character spacing

Unit 4: Using Styles in your Document

Topic A: Appling a Default Style

Topic B: Modifying a Style

Topic C: Creating a New Style

Unit 5: Working with Pictures

Topic A: Adding a picture to your document

Topic B: Changing the size of a picture

Topic C: Using the picture ribbon

Unit 6: Graphic and Special Elements

Topic A: Adding an AutoShape

Topic B: Resizing an AutoShape

Topic C: Modifying an AutoShape

Topic D: Adding WordArt to your document

Topic E: Using Text Boxes in your document

Unit 7: Controlling Text Flow

Topic A: Using breaks

Topic B: Inserting columns

Topic C: Linking text boxes

Unit 8: Indexes and Tables

Topic A: Create a Table of Contents

Topic B: Deleting Table of Contents

Topic C: Updating Table of Contents

Topic D: Changing the look of a Table of Contents

Unit 9: Templates

Topic A: Using a Built-in Template

Topic B: Creating your own Template

Topic C: Opening a template that you created

Unit 10: Mail Merge

Topic A: Generating a Mail Merge

Topic B: Creating Envelopes and Labels


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Intermediate Word Course


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Intermediate Word Course


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