Intermediate Excel Course


The Excel Intermediate course focuses on the more advanced formulas and data manipulation.

You also get free access to our online E-Learning platform which includes videos, questions, examples and exams. This is the exact same content as the course. This access is valid for 12 months.


This course is normally 6 hours in total. These 6 hours can be delivered in different ways:

  1. One full day
  2. 2 Sessions of 3 hours each. (This can be split over different weeks or different months).


This course is aimed at anyone who is proficient in the Basic Excel Outcomes and wishes to learn more about Microsoft Office Excel.

The following people will find this course helpful:
 Anyone who has worked on Excel before
 Anyone who has worked a bit on Excel but is not familiar with all its functions
 Database Administrators
 Managers and Supervisors who need to extract information from databases


We do not have workshops currently, but only provide on site training customized to your needs.


If you are not sure of your level, click here to do our excel assessment.


Unit 1: Creating and Applying Templates

Topic A: Use built-in Excel Templates

Topic B: Create a Template

Unit 2: Creating and Modifying Charts

Topic A: Insert a Chart

Topic B: Modify Chart Options

Topic C: Formatting Charts

Topic D: Working with Chart Types

Topic E: Chart Locations

Unit 3: Calculating with Advanced Formulas

Topic A: Introduction to Advanced Functions

Topic B: Date and Time Functions

Topic C: Financial Functions

Topic D: Statistical Functions

Topic E: Lookup and Reference Functions

Topic F: Logical Functions

Topic G: Working with Range Names

Topic H: Linking Cells

Topic I: Calculate Across Worksheets

Unit 4: Sorting and Filtering Data

Topic A: Sort a List

Topic B: Filter a List

Topic C: Work with Advanced Filters

Topic D: Use Database Functions in a List

Topic E: Add Subtotals to a List

Unit 5: Importing and Exporting Excel Data

Topic A: Export Excel Data

Topic B: Import Excel Data

Unit 6: Working with Graphic Objects

Topic A: Insert Graphics

Topic B: Create AutoShapes

Topic C: Format Graphic Objects

Topic D: Change the Order of Graphic Objects

Topic E: Group Graphic Objects

Topic F: Move, Copy, and Resize Objects

Topic G: Create a Diagram

Unit 7: Comments and Web Features

Topic A: Working with Comments

Topic B: Create a Hyperlink

Topic C: Use Web-based Research Tools

Topic D: Publish a Worksheet to the Web

Topic E: Import Data from the Web

Topic F: Create a Web Query


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Intermediate Excel Course
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