Sales course


Explaining the basic skills and techniques required for excellent sales results.


One full day.


Anyone who works in the sales environment from the customer service clerk to the telesales person.


We do not have workshops currently, but only provide on site training customized to your needs.


Unit 1: Sales introduction part 1

Topic A: This section positions the need and the context of how the world works and how selling skills will make you more effective. It is also our key to getting returns on our efforts, in short “how to make more money”

Unit 2: Sales introduction part 2

Topic A: We introduce the CNACF sales process and the psychological impact on the customer. You will also understand the foundational elements to Sales Success.

Unit 3: Questioning your Q’s

Topic A: Selling is all about our Q’s, so we are going to introduce you to and investigate how our Quantity, Quality and Quantifying will assist in our Sales Success.

Unit 4: Quality

Topic A: We introduce you to all the elements of Quality we need and all the personal Qualities that will ensure Sales Success

Unit 5: Quantify before during and after

Topic A: We introduce you to all the elements of Quality we need and all the personal Qualities that will ensure Sales Success. We are focusing on the Preparation elements as a sales person and in the sales environment, all we need to do to be fully prepared and to increase the possibility of sales success.

Unit 6: Listening Skills

Topic A: Listening is the most undertrained skill in the world, as humans, we are generally very poor at listening. This section will give you a process to improve your listening skills and to maximise your potential in the Sales Process.

Unit 7: Relationship Building

Topic A: Relationship and network building skills will enhance your Quantity number and therefore your ability to make sales. In this section we will see how we can increase the respect we have and the respect others have of us.

Unit 8: Role of Attitude

Topic A: This section will investigate the role of your attitude in our sales success. Is your Attitude helping or hindering your success.

Unit 9: 5 Step Sales Cycle

Topic A: This section introduces the non-negotiable sales cycle CNACF; we should never skip any steps or leave any of the steps out. We do have flexibility in how we apply our own personalities within this framework.

Unit 10: Connect

Topic A: This section highlights the need for Connecting with our customer and creating a comfort zone in which two way communication is possible. The building of initial trust will open communication channels where customers will be open about their needs.

Unit 11: Needs

Topic A: We are focusing on our ability to understand exactly why the customer is visiting us and what their broad and specific needs are.

Unit 12: Assist

Topic A: By communicating the Features, advantages and benefits of the product, the customer will buy from us. This next section shows us how to match our products and services to the customer’s needs

Unit 13: Close

Topic A: There comes a time in every sales interaction where the customer has asked all the possible questions and you have matched the customer’s needs to a product. It is closing time, and the next module will highlight the processes and skills you need.

Unit 14: Follow

Topic A: As sales people, we all need return business, this means staying in touch with the customer and building future relationships. Follow up after each sale and watch your business grow. The next section will explain why this is so important.



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Sales course
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