Stress Management Course


Understanding and identifying stress, its symptoms and effects. Managing your own stress. Using different techniques to reduce stress. Managing relationships and your emotional health.


One full day.


Anyone who would like to understand what stress is and how to cope with it and have in a healthy work environment.


We do not have workshops currently, but only provide on site training customized to your needs.


 Unit 1: Understanding Stress

The Effects of Stress on Emotional Health Recognizing Stress Testing Your Stress Level Identifying Behaviour Patterns The Three Stages of Stress Identifying the Symptoms of Stress The Effect of Stress on the Physical Self Keeping the Adrenaline in Check Examining Workplace Stress Understanding Occupational Burnout Finding the “Right” Amount of Stress

Unit 2: Taking Responsibility for Your Own Stress

Identifying the Stress in Your Life Coping with Stress Alleviating Stress at Work Expressing Your Feelings Using Stress Releases and Safety Valves

Unit 3: Reducing Stress through Biofeedback, Mindfulness, and Meditation

Understanding Biofeedback Developing Mindfulness Practicing Meditation

Unit 4: Improving Relationships with Self and Others

Accepting Yourself as a Unique Individual Sorting Realistic from Unrealistic Expectations Assessing Your Strengths Acknowledging Universal Human Needs Building Better Relationships Recognizing Negative Relationship Patterns

Unit 5: Enhancing Your Emotional Health

Understanding Emotional Maturity Expressing Emotions Appropriately Exploring Your Own Emotional Fitness Building Self-Confidence Solving Problems Openly Ten Tips for Maintaining Emotional Fitness Setting Personal Goals Reviewing Your Personal Goals


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Stress Management Course
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