Time management Course


Managing your time better. It doesn't matter how you plan or organise your day, it will always consist of 24 hours. This course will help you to plan your activities and priorities in order to maximise your day. You will also learn how to say no to unimportant things that are wasting your time.


One full day.


Everyone who would like to get the most out of their day can attend this course. All levels of workforce will benefit from this course.


We do not have workshops currently, but only provide on site training customized to your needs.


Unit 1: Identify time management profiles. 

Topic A: Current time management techniques and processes used by the learner to manage him/herself and his/her division/department/section are identified to aid future time management of the section. 

Topic B: Weaknesses in current work processes are identified in terms of poor time management. 

Topic C: The top time wasters that impact on the organisation's productivity are identified with a view to minimizing their negative influence. 

Topic D: The external forces that affect time utilization are identified and an explanation is given of their effect with examples. 

Unit 2: Understand the principles of time management. 

Topic A: The 80/20 principle in identifying key tasks is explained with examples. 

Topic B: Delegation as a means of utilizing time and human resources correctly is explained with examples of good and bad practice. 

Topic C: Prioritizing as a technique to manage the work of a team/group/section is explored in relation the work of the specific group and a decision made as to which tasks are of greater priority for the group. 

Topic D: The principle of balance between the various aspects of one's life is understood in terms of creating time for them all so as to optimize one's life. 

Unit 3: Draw up time efficient work plans to carry out department/division work functions. 

Topic A: The organisation's objectives are understood and clearly defined in terms of the work that has to be done by the department/division/section. 

Topic B: The objectives are translated into work plans for the department/division/section. 

Topic C: The key activities required to complete a specific project are identified and all tasks and work procedures are analyzed and assigned to a specific time frame. 

Topic D: Persons to whom tasks can be delegated are identified and included in the plan. 

Topic E: Plans eliminate and/or manage time wasters in the department/division/

Topic F: Tasks are prioritized in terms of urgency and importance for the department/division/section/organisation. 

Unit 4: Implement time efficient work plans. 

Topic A: Delegation is used correctly as a tool by the manager and subordinates when applicable to get the work done. 

Topic B: Emphasis is placed on proactive measures such as efficient information flow, efficient meeting planning and management and administrative procedures in the daily work processes of the department/division/section to minimize time wasting. 

Topic C: Plans are implemented once all involved are informed of their roles, duties and functions. 

Topic D: Progress with work plans is monitored on an on-going basis and amendments are made where necessary. 




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Time management Course
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