Course list

Our short courses are broken down into different categories:

  1. Computer Courses
  2. Soft Skills
  3. Leadership
  4. Online courses (Click here to view our online eLearning platform)

Below is a list of all our short courses. Click on the course level to view the outlines and book your course:


Course Level (click to view outline) Days
Introduction to Computer skills Basic (Accredited) 1 - 5
Microsoft Excel Basic Excel (Accredited) 1
  Intermediate Excel (Accredited) 1
  Advanced Excel (Accredited) 2
  Visual Basics 2
Microsoft Access Basic Access (Accredited) 1
  Intermediate Access (Accredited) 1
  Advanced Access (Accredited) 1
Microsoft Outlook Basic Outlook (Accredited) 1
  Advanced Outlook (Accredited) 1
Microsoft PowerPoint Basic Powerpoint (Accredited) 1
  Advanced Powerpoint (Accredited) 1
Microsoft Visio Basic Visio 1
  Advanced Visio 1
Microsoft Word Basic Word (Accredited) 1
  Intermediate Word (Accredited) 1
  Advanced Word (Accredited) 1
Microsoft Projects Basic Projects 1
  Advanced Projects 1
Financial Modeling Advanced 4



Course (click to view outline) Days
Interpersonal Communication (Accredited) 1
Motivational Training 1
Customer Satisfaction 1
Sales Training 1
Business Etiquette (Accredited) 1
Business Writing 1
Call Centre Management 1
Communication Skills (Accredited) 1
Conflict Management (Accredited) 1
Diversity Training (Accredited) 1
Emotional Intelligence (Accredited) 2
Finance for non-Financial Managers (Accredited)  2
Leadership (Accredited) 2
Negotiation Skills 2
Stress Management 1
Change Management (Accredited) 1
Time Management 1



Our leaderships modules, can be done as single courses, modules or as a combination of courses, depending on where management development is needed. You can also choose different topics applicable to your company within different modules. This program can also be done as an accredited 12 month learnership.

Communication Techniques (click here to view topics)

  • Interpret and manage conflicts within the workplace
  • Use communication techniques effectively

Monitor Team Effectiveness (click here to view topics)

  • Monitor and evaluate team members against performance standards
  • Apply the principles of ethics to improve organisational culture

Improve Team Effectiveness (click here to view topics)

  • Create and manage an environment that promotes innovation
  • Lead people development and talent management
  • Select and coach first line managers
  • Build teams to achieve goals and objectives
  • Recruit and select candidates to fill defined positions
  • Empower team members through recognizing strengths, encouraging participation in decision making and delegating tasks
  • Apply the principles and concepts of emotional intelligence to the management of self and others
  • Promote a learning culture in an organisation

Improve Workplace relationships (click here to view topics)

  • Formulate recommendations for a change process
  • Devise and apply strategies to establish and maintain workplace relationships
  • Manage a diverse work force to add value
  • Analyze leadership and related theories in a work context

Manage Finance (click here to view topics)

  • Monitor, assess and manage risk
  • Apply the principles of knowledge management
  • Apply a systems approach to decision making
  • Apply mathematical analysis to economic and financial information.
  • Manage the finances of a unit
  • Identify brand mix elements

Project Planning (click here to view topics)

  • Develop, implement and evaluate an operational plan
  • Develop, implement and evaluate a project plan



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