Excel modules and System Development

We have experts that develop various modules and systems. This includes Excel modules and SQL cloud based solutions when Excel cannot work.

Excel modules can be used for most solutions. We can do anything possible in Excel. You might know the formulas, but you can also use visual basics to program in Excel. This opens a wide range of endless possibilities. When you have multiple users that must use the same file, then Excel is not the best solution. We can then develop a cloud solution, which is based on SQL databases and this allows multiple users to work at the same time in any location.

Below are some examples of the Excel modules and SQL solutions we have developed.

  1. Excel dealsheet
  2. Excel South African costing map
  3. Excel reporting module
  4. Excel forecasting module
  5. Excel break even analysis
  6. Excel search for references module
  7. Excel module that sends emails
  8. SQL cloud CRM solution
  9. eLearning platforms

Examples of modules:

1. Excel Dealsheet: This module populates information based on userforms. You can add validations on userforms and update a database. The database also creates a PDF document that can be saved on the server.


2. South African Costing Map: This module uses a costing structure to generate a map and when the profit margin changes the map is coloured based on the furthest point of delivery. You can also choose where the port of original delivery is..

3. Excel Reporting module: This module imports data from sources and prepares the monthly report. Reporting should take a few minutes if this structure is set up propertly.


4. Excel Forecasting module: This module imports data from 30 different Excel files and then consolidates them into one sheet. The user can then use forms to view different departments.


5. Excel Break even analysis module: This module uses a costing module in the background to generate 40,000 goal seek scenarios in less than 5 minutes.


6. Excel search for references module: This module searches for a specific cell reference in all Excel files in a folder. It returns the files name, sheet and cell references.


7. Module that send emails: This module can send emails from Outlook based on certain criteria.


8. SQL cloud CRM solution: This online SQL solution stores customer information and allows you to view and edit the information. It also allows workflow to send emails when certain activities run.


9. eLearning platforms: We develop customised eLearning platforms to meet your unique company requirements. These platforms are Moodle based. Please click here to view our eLearning platform


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